Contact the head of the driving school by phone or send a message to the mail and we will contact you. In order to start training, you need to provide the following documents. Certificate from a family doctor for cat B. Copy of ID card or passport and photo 30-40 or 40-50

The total amount will be 1030 euros. This includes a theory course 160 euros, an electronic application with educational materials 40 euros, 28 driving lessons of 45 minutes, driving at night 50 euros, driving on slippery roads 100 euros, first aid 50 euros.

Driving lessons in our driving school are held from 9.00 to 21.00.

The theoretical part lasts 2 months. During the passage of the theory, you can take driving lessons. The mandatory curriculum includes 30 driving lessons. 2 of them are slippery and dark driving. If you take lessons 2-3 times a week, then in 2-3 months you can finish a driving school. But as a rule, this time and this number of lessons is enough for those who already have some driving experience. For people who start learning from scratch, it usually takes about six months.

If you pass a driving test in a car with a manual transmission, you get a full license and can drive any car of category B. This also applies to a minibus. Nobody knows what will come in handy in life, so I would advise you to study mechanics. If you are taking the test in an automatic car, you will only be able to drive in an automatic.

Yes, sure. We will help you prepare for the Ark exam, as well as help those who feel insecure behind the wheel.

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